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good morning

i am hoping that there will be a kind soul willing to help me out on how to distribute capital prior to strike off. I have completed the annual accounts and my client has 12300 left to distribute plus 100 share capital after the tax has been paid. He has taken 5k dividends and has £18700 employment income in the tax year and i have worked out that he would be taxed £923 if he were to take the 12300 as a dividend and i would like to try and save him this tax as the company tax is £3900. any advise from someone who has experience of company strike off's would be much appreciated.


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    shelleym Just Joined Registered Posts: 31 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Hi Tax Manager, I am so grateful for your advise it has really helped put thing in to perspective, apologise I did start my thankyou response earlier but got distracted ( I have building work going on!) thanks again
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