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For those who are studying Personal Tax Level 4 on AQ2016 standards, the tax year in the exam is 16/17. Beware of following the real life scenario on the study support as they are using figures and charges from the previous year 15/16. This is harmful when you are already overwhelmed by all the information on the subject. I feel they could at least update the figures to the ones on the tax tables we have access to in our exam.


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    Hi @Lindi - thanks for your post and we're sorry that you've been having trouble with our sample assessments. Please can you confirm exactly which sample assessment you're referring to and the specific task then we'll get this investigated for you. Thank you
  • Lindi
    Lindi MAAT, AATQB Posts: 167
    Hi, it's the Real Life Scenario on Personal Tax AQ2016. It gives resources to refer to, but as we've been studying to the pop up resources for 16/17 it is confusing working on different percentages. They're all 15/16 figures. Personal allowance, fuel scale charge, emission percentages. I've also spotted what I think is an error in the calculating income tax video - please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought if you're a higher rate band earner you only qualify for £500 personal savings allowance, but on the video he is showing £1000 at 0%.

    Thank you for taking the time to look into this.
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