Poor experience with Home Learning College OVADO!

sirlillo Registered Posts: 4
They canceled my booking exam by mistake, without warning me, and I've realized it just the day before I should attempt the exam.

Their communication system sucks, they spent 7 days! to answer to my email, then they canceled the second enrollment that I made by phone. The right one! I called them today and they have been rude and unuseful. So angry!


  • chrisatcgh
    chrisatcgh Registered Posts: 2
    4 out of 5 of my exams they gave me the wrong time... first two an hour early. Last two I booked close together in London because I had to do them on the weekend, luckily they called me to rearrange the time but it turns out I had the wrong time, to begin with. They would have been closed!.
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