Cash & Treasury Assessment 1 - Task 1

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I'm wondering if someone can provide the working for calculating the purchase of non current asset in Cash and Treasury Management Assessment 1 Task 1?

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    Hi all, is it possible for anyone to send me the 2 online practice assessments of cash and treasury management AQ2016 as I am giving exam according to standard AQ2013,it will be a bit of more practice for me .
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    Hello, I am also stuck with the above question. Is anyone able to explain the answer for non current asset? Thanks
  • lucym96
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    The carrying value of an asset = original cost - accumulated depreciation

    So here the carrying value of the asset is £72,000

    Original cost - 25% depreciation = £72,000

    So work backwards - 72,000 / 0.75 = £96000

    £72,000 includes the depreciation, but depreciation is not cash so you need to find the original cost which (as above) is £96,000.

    I think that's right! Hope that helps.

  • fedemenni
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    easy to calculate like 72 x 1.25 (which 25 is the depreciation charge) = 96
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    I have taken cash management 2013 and passed on third go.

    Looking at the 2016 was is the extra bit about corporation tax about and operating loss - looks like extra info to slow you down.
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