Hi everyone.
WELL, I have successfully passed the Elements of Costing Exam AQ2016, but now I find it so difficult to understand the accounting software. I am self studying and got all the books and free trials from Sage. I heard it has to be marked by an assessor and so on. I think using the software is pretty easy, but when it comes to the exam itself I do not know what to do. Will I have A SAGE SOFTWARE on the PC while having my exam? Or is it all on the Microsoft Software? Any reply is highly appreciated.


  • daniellaengland1107
    daniellaengland1107 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Danielle,

    You'll have the Sage software set up for you on the PC when you take the exam, but the software you use depends on the provider you sit your exams with (I requested to use Sage One for my exam at Kaplan). It's best to just drop them a call or email if you're not too sure.

    Good luck!! It's been 4 weeks since I took the UACS exam and I'm still waiting for the results to come through! :s
  • danielle93
    danielle93 Registered Posts: 17
    Hi Daniella.

    Thank you for your time. I had my exam too and still waiting for my results. I do not understand why did I get the college name as a Business name in the Sage One, when in the scenario given I had been told about a different Business Name. Hopefully that will not affect my results.
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