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Hi, Im qualified to level 3 (didn't fancy going on to level 4 at the mo) and work as a book-keeper for a supermarket, i've had really good training and would like to begin to find some self employment ( I just want to offer book-keeping up to trial balance I don't really want to do year end for sole traders as I haven't done any, so don't feel i have the expertise to offer this).
I do want to apply for the AAT licence but not until I have a few clients (just in case I don't get any I don't want to spend the money!), could someone advise me on start ups. With due diligence what exactly do i need to do other then take a copy of ID - I did ask my old lecturer who said when I register for the licence I would get the due diligence forms (but I'm not ready to register as yet) and also when taking on new clients do I provide the accounts software or does the client? Sorry if it's quite basic, I haven't worked in accountants so I'm unsure of the start up basics. Thanks in advance


  • Bmer82
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    registering beforehand covers you with the association, provides support and monitors you for AML I would strongly suggest you rethink your stance on this as you need to speculate to acculmulate
  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi low1
    I agree with @Bmer82 without a licence you will not be able to advertise that you are a member of the AAT and you still need PII and Anti Money Laundering supervision from HMRC (at a cost).
    Could you stay in your job whilst you build up your clients base?
  • low1
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    Thanks for your answers, I can't afford not to work, so yes I will be staying in my job. I currently work 30 hours a week. I'll think about registering and look into it. I just didn't want to spend if I didn't get any clients! I'm not sure who I would ask about the professional reference.
  • Puvisha
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    Hi Everyone
    I'm level 4 student and doing final project unit.I like to do in future work in practice but I have no idea how to start from scratch can anyone give me some best advice please.Thanks in advance.
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