L4 Budgeting 2013 Question

PolarisDyas Registered Posts: 24

I got this question wrong and I can't figure out why. The original question asked to fill the entire bottom row and also the top right box. I tried applying some seasonal variation but at a loss. (I think I'm having a blonde moment lol)

I did the 2016 exam and got this one correct.

Can you tell me how to get 12200, 12300, 12400, 12500 and 14891?



  • Irrorate
    Irrorate Registered Posts: 139
    12200/110 *110
    12747/114 *110
    13527/120 *110

    In the 2013 everything is "at year 1 prices" so divide current year index and multiply by first year index. You will have done this in 2016 for "year 1 prices" too, perhaps just didn't read the row headings?
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