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I am due to sit my Level 4 Synoptic next week and am having doubts over the content of the exam due to reading several posts online saying the questions were nothing like what they had been revising.

Can anyone who has already sat the exam give me advice on what subjects/topics are best to revise? I am quite comfortable with the 3 previous units (Financial statements, Budgeting and Decision and Control) but nothing really seems to come up on the practice papers for these subjects other than ratios.

I don't want to go into the exam not feeling ready.



  • Marcella13
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    Hi, This may not help but i sat the exam on 18th May and came out feeling very deflated. It was hard enough to revise for as it is and i didn't feel anything i had revised came up in the exam. I didn't get any of the ICQ's on sales, purchases or payroll. My exam was nothing like the mocks online or the kaplan mocks we had done in class. I get my result this week and am almost certain i've failed.

    My advice to you is just keep reading and reading, if you have passed the 3 core be confident in them but for my paper nothing really related to them modules at all which angered me. It's such a hard exam to revise for but just keep reading and reading, as long as you've had a look at the question formats on the online mock assessments online you have a rough idea of what it's going to be like. If all else fails, come out of there knowing you have tried your best and filled every comment box with what you think AAT want!
  • steady88
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    I too am sitting the exam for the first (hopefully only) time next week, and like you I'm a bit nervous after reading this forum. I use the Kaplan books, and what I've been doing is going through the learning objectives for each question. I'm hoping this gives me an idea of what kind of questions I may get asked, and on what topics I need to be comfortable with. I guess I will see next week whether this was the right way to go about it.

    I also think questions 2 and 4 are likely to be the most unpredictable questions, so I feel if I can focus on getting most of the marks for 1,3,5,6, then there'll be less pressure on me for Q2 and 4
  • sarah0202
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    I sat mine in May and it was based heavily on the control side of things so make sure you are happy with the SWOT analysis area
  • gagan
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    Most of my class failed due to task 2 and 4 who attempted in march.
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