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Appealing against the synoptic assessment exam

Hi all

I took a Synoptic exam in May, had an issue when trying to download spreadsheet #2 so did not get a chance to complete it at all.
I am aware that other students had similar issues.
I have been at our college today and AAT sent an email to our tutor saying that they are going to give the students who failed a £50 credit for a resit exam.
I feel like this is not a fair approach as I did not get a chance to complete spreadsheets #2.
I feel like I have been treated unfairly and if my results come through as failed I am considering appealing against it.
Can anyone advise me on weather I have a case and if so weather it is worth persuading and how I go about it?

Many thanks in advance.


  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    That is not quite what the email said. You should have received it yourself too.
    Firstly, the AAT are going to give everyone who sat in May a free resit should it be required and/or wanted. Secondly, they are also going to give each student £50 by way of an apology if they do go ahead and resit, regardless of whether they had technical issues themselves.
    Thirdly, and perhaps most crucially, they say that the technical issues experienced in the spreadsheet part of the exam will be fixed by 10th July which is the first opportunity to resit.
    I have to admit I was hoping they were going to allow more time but promising to fix the bugs, a free resit and £50 just for turning up seems pretty ok. I'm still super-stressed at the thought of it - I'm writing on here when I should be revising! - but we all have a chance to do better.
    You never know, you may have passed and then this is all ok. I know I failed.
    Chin up mate, we're all in the same boat.
  • LhughesLhughes Just Joined Registered Posts: 19

    To be honest I do not think the right approach has been taken to the Synoptic exam, a resist and £50 is not the answer! What is needed is more time on the second part of the exam! I think it should be two different exams and we should be given at least 2;5 hours for the second part, it is just too much to get through in 1;5 hours especially when your spent out from doing the first half! The AAT are setting us up to fail again I feel

    Very disappointed

  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    I do agree. Money is a nice gesture but doesn't fix it. Still disappointed and dreading resit. Do we believe all the bugs have been fixed? More time would certainly be good. Why examine us on excel anyway? It is a handy tool but not accounting.
    Trying to stay positive :anguished:
  • LhughesLhughes Just Joined Registered Posts: 19
    I really do not believe that 1;5 hours is sufficient time to complete two tasks let alone three in excel, esp as we have to keep referring back to the question being asked which we cannot see in front of us, this is the worst exam of my life and I really feel like AAT need to have another rethink

  • salma1011salma1011 Registered Posts: 41
    I agree with you Lhughes. I think a lot of students have failed hence all the new resit windows! I think AAT want everyone to resit as too many different issues experienced by the students. Therefore the only thing they could do is fixing it before the 10th July. Me too I am not revising and I should but very disappointing. Nothing has been fair regarding this exam. Big let down from AAT. Most of the students are feeling the same.
  • janeWjaneW Registered Posts: 25
    I am in total agreement with all your comments. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and exams up until this point. I have passed all my exams to date with 90% + pass rate and was hoping for a distinction at this level, however I have now reassessed my expectations due to the synoptic. I do not see the relevance of combining part 1 & 2 into one very long arduous exam. I think i may be in the minority based on the other students on my course, but i have come into this with no spreadsheet knowledge or experience apart from the brief introduction at level 2. I do not see the relevance in accountancy whereby we need such expert knowledge in spreadsheets. This exam should be in 2 parts and the spreadsheet module simplified. It does not necessitate the knowledge AAT are expecting from us within spreadsheets to carry out accountancy roles within our industry, I have done fine so far! A monetary offering is not the response from AAT I was hoping for. It is my first time posting on here, does anyone know if AAT read these forums and could we not make our voices heard collectively as I think there is a lot of disgruntled students out there!
  • Karina_J85Karina_J85 Registered Posts: 1
    I sat my Synoptic on the 12th July, still had problems with second part. Haven't completed it all! Just hope i passed. Can't be asked to re-sit it.
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