Moving from Commercial to Practice

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I'm currently working for a company doing accounts. During my time and studies, I'm finding myself more and more drawn towards financial accounts and thinking of moving in to practice.

The only problem I have is I'm on a good wage and understand that my experience will pretty much count for nothing if I move to practice and therefore I'd end up taking a large pay cut.

Would I be better off doing this sooner rather than later or would I be better to go for ACCA, qualify, then move over to practice?

Any ideas, tips or general thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.


  • danjswade
    danjswade Registered Posts: 12
    Sorry, should have said I'm close to finishing level 4 (results dependent)
  • NeilH
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    Moving from commerce/industry to practice is a tricky step, moving from practice to commerce/industry is generally "easier". Since it is tricky, I would suggest investigating it sooner rather than later. A lot of practices have an "aversion" to candidates with a lot of industry experience. Also, you will have to start over again, so the longer you are in industry the better salary you you will probably have, making the move harder financially if you leave it too long.
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