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Hi everyone,
I've just come out of sixth form and I am meant to be starting an AAT course in two weeks. I'll be earning £550 a month while at college as well. Will my mum lose all her benfits with me or will she still get some benefits since I'm still doi a few hours a week at college?

Thanks in advance


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    Depends on a few things like your age, if the course is classed as full time, your mums income etc. Best thing would be to ring them up and ask as tax credits can be a pain.
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    I was in the same position last August. Unfortunately my mum lost child tax credit and child benefit as I was no longer a full time student and was earning an income.

    It may be worth giving them a ring to check.

    Also best to inform them in advance as they will most likely make overpayments to which will have to be paid back.
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    Thank you bkth of you I'll get my mum to ring up
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