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AAT Level 4 Synoptic -BPP practice assessment 1 task 4

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone could help me understand the workings of this question?

I have managed the first part, I am stuck on part b's workings.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • lu_hylu_hy Registered Posts: 4

  • gagangagan Registered Posts: 69
    Price @ 25% margin = 175*131.60=23030
    now the difference would be =7910
    Cheaper than market price= 300*125=37500
    now the difference would be =11580
    market price = 275*130=35750
    And the difference for this would be 11990

    Now you can apply same method for CD and EF

  • lu_hylu_hy Registered Posts: 4
    Thank you @gagan

    I really appreciate your help.
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