Level 2 Synoptic Exam

I'm guessing Level 2 students are in the same boat waiting for results?

As our exam only had 1 question which is be human marked I am not sure as to why AAT could not give us a provisional mark after the exam or as to why it takes so long to receive our results.


  • bryceybrycey Posts: 2Registered
    Hi I was just wondering how representative the exam paper was to the practice paper ? 6 weeks seems a long wait for results
  • Rachh86Rachh86 Posts: 2Registered
    @butters1 Have you had your results yet?.... I'm still waiting on mine, but others who sat the exam in the same time/room as me have had theirs.I'm staring to panic lol
  • butters1butters1 Posts: 3Registered
    @Rachh86 had mine a week ago and passed! Our results came out Thursday lunch time. A mate of mine who is studying on the level 2 during the day is yet to receive his results so they must be releasing a new batch of results soon! Fingers crossed for you.
  • Rachh86Rachh86 Posts: 2Registered
    Thanks @butters1 congratulations on the pass!!!
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