Synoptic - AQ16

My class and I are sitting the Synoptic exam this Wednesday. To date, we have all failed the mandatory units. Most of the learning materials suggest that you would need to be competent in the mandatory units before sitting the Synoptic.
If you have sat the Synoptic exam then what are your thoughts on this? In your opinion, would you say you had to be competent in the three mandatory units?


  • Irrorate
    Irrorate Registered Posts: 139
    If you're not competent in the budgeting, statements and d&c you're unlikely to pass realistically. The exam focuses on these as well as internal controls.

    It's a difficult exam with a lot of writing and explanation. I received my results today and barely passed.
  • Sally1
    Sally1 Registered Posts: 3
    Our tutor's view is that she has delivered the units so that's her part done. My view is that we haven't passed the mandatory units so really don't think we should be put in for the Synoptic. We have been rushed through each unit so I'm really not surprised we've all failed. I have read some of the comments from people who have passed all the mandatory units but failed the Synoptic so I don't think I have any chance of passing.
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