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What should I do?

Hi guys,

I’m currently 17 and I am studying level 2. I work in a small, local accounting firm and I enjoy it there as I have been given a lot of responsibility. I know it is very early but I have been looking at bigger firms such as Grant Thornton and all their school leavers (which is what I assumed I am) programmes require 3 a levels or equivalent. I left school after my GCSE’s so I do not have any a levels. I understand that AAT is equivalent but at what level and also, will employers care that I have gone straight from school; will it be seen as a strength or weakness?




  • MrsVMrsV Registered Posts: 10
    Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE, Level 3 is equivalent to A level.
    Don't underestimate how valuable experience is and it sounds like your current employer is willing to give you that. Think about how your cv will look - moving around to gain experience is good but you also need to demonstrate that you have had some loyalty to previous employers.
    Strength or weakness ? Depends why you made that choice and what you've done since you've left school. Sounds like you're doing ok so far!
    Keep regular notes of what you do at work and the types of clients you are dealing with. When it is time to move it's not always easy to remember exactly what you've done and how far you've progressed.
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