Help plz! Can't figure out wording of this Excel question...

Hi all, appreciate if anyone could help.
Question is from AAT's level 3 synoptic sample assessment 1 (AQ2016)- task 2.2 (c):

Put an IF statement in F18 that will show 'Balanced' if the column totals balance, and 'Check' if they do not.

Ring any bells? Answer provided by AAT doesn't show the formula, just the word 'Balanced' in the cell, so I just could not figure out what it's meant by if the column totals balance...

What column? What totals? Balance with what? (I'm completely confused!)

Grateful if anyone could offer some help/pointers. Thanks!

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  • AlisonSwanson
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    Dahlia - total up your variances - the total of all of your variances should be equal to the actual profit minus the flexed budget profit.

    This is how you reconcile your overall variances. Hope that makes sense?


  • thefuture
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    For example, if the sum of column A is the same as the sum of column B then cell F18 should state the word 'balanced' if they do not match then F18 should state the word 'check'. The formula should be =IF(SUM(A3:A10)=SUM(B3:B10),"balanced","check") OR you can have a SUM total cell at the bottom of column A & B (i.e in Cells A11&B11) then the forumla would be =IF(A11=B11,"balanced","check")
  • dahlia
    dahlia Registered Posts: 24
    Thank you, both, for your helpful replies!
    The wording is certainly ambiguous, which allow for both of your interpretations, I think.
    It does say "column totals"- plural- so @Irrorate's suggestion makes a lot of sense.
    On the other hand, it follows on and references column F, so it could just be what @thefuture says.

    Arrrrr... pulling my hair out atm- just started sample assessment 2, is it just my weary brain/eyes or there are actually errors in the Excel script (found a few already which is uncharacteristic of AAT's normally high standards)?

    Anyway, thanks to all!
  • dahlia
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    Got it! Thanks for the much needed clarification @AlisonSwanson :)
  • Multiplicator
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    I remember this awful torment ( darling I remember the exam as tho it were yesterday!)

    The sum of the two smaller numbers should equal the larger number
    IF clause ( 'balanced') and fall thro - false then 'check'
    the actual syntax is as above and I think I finally got it but my numbers - didnt add up!

    and yes the whole exam was like that - I had made a mess of q1 and looked on q2 - your bit and thought - "another bl++dy question I cant understand ......"

    has anyone had the patronising email from AAT on synoptic ?
    "synoptic is a very long word, and it means "final exam at end of the year"and then went on "this year it wasnt us - you are all too thick to pass"

    and then it continues - "Learn the Logic of Excel"

    well what I say is - the logic of Excel is that Bill Gates makes an awful lot of money
    and really I dont think this is suitable content for an accounting exam - even if AAT is dedicated to help him

    [ Logic on the basis of Boolos & Jeffrey 5th ed I could understand - or logic of Peano's axioms - but logic of Excel oh pleeeeeease ! - sorry got a bit technical there]

    no result yet - clearly I am retake equivocal
    and level 4 - no not more of the same thank you - I have had enough.....
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