Level 4 Synoptic Re-sit

I have my re-sit at the weekend and am really struggling to revise for it, please could anyone offer advice on which parts/ questions to really delve in to?

I'm comfortable with ratios, flexing budgets, and the day to day knowledge needed for the exam and after practising the online examples, they seem to be ok. However, I thought this last time and failed so thought perhaps someone could tell me what I am missing! Haven't had a re-sit yet and this is my final exam so I really don't want to fail again!

The pre-release material also seems a little irrelevant in terms of the aat's questions, or may be it's not and that's what I am missing?!

Thanks in advance


  • Irrorate
    Irrorate Registered Posts: 139
    I managed to pass with 71% and didn't reference any of the pre-release material at all. Don't focus your efforts on that. Focus on 1, 5 & 6 getting them 100% then pick up your other marks on the written. 2 and 4 have been known to be quite the bitch.
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