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Purchase ledger help

I manage a team of 2 for two Costa franchises and we deal with processing invoices, matching up with the paper work, queries and payment runs. We have always done a monthly payment run but MD now wants us to change and pay 30days. Need to work out best way to do this from a work load point and cash flow practicality. I am thinking of weekly payment run on Fridays, and say if it was going to be done for Friday 21st July for example then I would run the payment due by report with 20th as date and it all prepared by Friday 14th July. If anyone works in large corporate companies is this similar to stuff you do?

Thank you in advance.



  • Kinglee89Kinglee89 New Member Registered Posts: 15
    Hi Emma.

    What accounting program are you using?
  • EmgsEmgs Registered Posts: 3
    We use exchequer.
  • Kinglee89Kinglee89 New Member Registered Posts: 15
    Can you import transactions in to it?
  • EmgsEmgs Registered Posts: 3
    Believe it can as one team have done an import invoice project for whitbread invoices but we don't deal with them. I know we have before used it to create bacs files to up load to bank so that will help getting that used. We have gone from a sme to large company in such a short time and gotten caught out. If it does what you thinking?
  • Kinglee89Kinglee89 New Member Registered Posts: 15
    I know the feeling! You could use an excel sheet to put the invoices on and upload it to your package. You could then have a dashboard that will show you what is due for payment that week.
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