Studying level 4 after a years break

Hi, I've just enrolled on level 4 (start in September), I've taken a years break, has anyone else done the same? How are you finding it after the break? Any tips?
I'm a bit nervous in case I've forgotten everything (I am looking for through the level 3 books). Any advice welcome.


  • stitch
    stitch Registered Posts: 4
    I did exactly the same - a years break between 3 and 4, and it hasn't made a huge difference. I've actually been frustrated that a fair bit of level 4 seems a refresh of 3, I guess its necessary. The biggest issue on AQ2016 seems to be not the jump between levels, but the jump between the study resources - including the AATs own - and the actual exam, which has always been an element of AAT, but seems excessive at level 4, & completely out of control for MDCL & the synoptic units. But that's a separate issue, & you will probably find the years break is no problem at all, you'll be fine.
  • low1
    low1 Registered Posts: 6
    Thanks for.toue reply, that's made me feel a bit better!
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