AAT level 3 AQ 2016 or 2013?

Right, so I have been doing AAT level 3 AQ 2016 for the past 8 months and all the exams apart from the synoptic, as everyone can guess, were great. I am able to do AQ 2013 specification as I did level 2 last year, however I did AQ 2016 as the college that I am studying at chose to do AQ 2016 in order to accommodate new students. Just like for everyone else who took the synoptic exam it seems, it went terrible. I actually lost 20 minutes in my spreadsheet exam due to the exam not letting me access excel and then when I did get into excel it played up and therefore I am not expecting a pass. My question is this, should I spend a two weeks doing the AQ 2013 exams in order to pass level 3 in order to go onto level 4? I know I can pass them all as I still remember all the material and use it daily in work, in addition to this having looked at the spreadsheet practice exams for AQ 2013, which you get 2 hrs 30mins, 15 mins reading time of a the printed booklet with the questions, plus 1 hour for any possible delays such as printer queues or uploading problems, which sounds a breeze! It just seems to be easier to pass AQ 2013 and I'm wondering if I'm crazy for wanting to do this? Any advice please would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    We recently did a webinar on your options about staying on AQ2013 vs moving over.

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    If you have opted into AQ2016 and accessing the AQ2016 study material in AAT Study Support I don't think you can switch back as you would have missed the registration dates for AQ2013. Having said that my AAT membership was uptodate at the switchover and I can't remember how I opted to stay in AQ2013, maybe I did respond before the 31 August deadline.

    All of the colleges (mine stopped doing L4 so looked around at options last year) bar none forced everyone to transfer onto AQ2016. The only way to continue on AQ2013 was to go self study or distance learning offered with some of the providers.

    Key dates for the AQ2013 and AQ2016 qualifications

    31 August - Last day a new student can register on AQ2013.
    31 August - Last day a lapsed student can reinstate on AQ2013 .
    1 September - Launch of AQ2016 (the new AAT accounting qualifications). New students can register on AQ2016.

    31 December - This is the last date you can take assessments for the current AQ2013 qualifications.

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    You are correct Adele. You are not able to do AQ13 just because you did L2 on AQ13. You had to sign up for L3 before 1st Sept 2016.
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