Self Study Level 2 AAT?

Hi all,

I was set on self studying by buying books from Osborne and using the 30 day free Sage trial.

Firstly would you recommend buying all workbooks and wise guides available in addition to the tutorials.

Secondly I have received an email from

They have offered the below course for a discounted price of £245 from £329.

Would I be better doing this as it comes with Sage 180 days and online guides?

Thanks in advance for you help :)


  • MrsV
    MrsV Registered Posts: 10
    Osborne Work Books are very useful as they include practice assessments. Wise Guides are A6 sized summaries of tutorials , useful for revision but not essential.
    I've heard you can keep rolling over the Sage 30 day free trail if you just use a diffferent email address.
    If you apply to be an AAT member sooner rather than later there are lots of online resources there including mock assessments.
    Can't speak for the course you're thinking about, I don't have the discipline to self study, but do shop around and see what you'll get elsewhere. Some people can't afford more , some people can't afford to sign up to the cheapest provider who won't give them the support they need. Compare what resources they offer in terms of tutor suppprt and workbooks , whether cost includes exam fees and if so how many retakes.
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