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Invoice date


I'm not an accounting professional but we have suppliers at my company who date the invoice the end of the month but don't send until closer to the middle of the following month. We're on 30 day terms but means we have more like 16-18 days to pay in practice.

Are there any rules on how soon after the invoice date the invoice has to be sent/emailed?

If not, I'm not sure how a client of theirs on 14 day terms could ever pay on time and they say they can't send them any quicker.



  • rfh198rfh198 Registered Posts: 2
    Several times through the month (we buy service as and when needed) and then, at the end of the month, the total is collated for the monthly invoice but it isn't emailed until 12th or 13th of following month but with invoice date of 30th or 31st of previous month.
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