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luciedriver Registered Posts: 32
Hi Guys

I am looking to buy the full set of tutorial books and / or workbooks for AQ2016 Professional Diploma

If anyone has these and they are looking to sell on please let me know, either full set or certain modules etc. maybe we can help each other out..

Thanks :-)


  • Anisa97
    Anisa97 MAAT Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    @luciedriver Hi, I have a full set of AQ2016 Level 4 books for sale. Please see my post for details - https://forums.aat.org.uk/Forum/discussion/445563/for-sale-aat-level-4-aq2016-books-kaplan-osborne
    Do message me if you're interested in buying them :)
  • Kala
    Kala Registered Posts: 17
    I have the business and personal tax books in excellent conditions . Kaplan ones
  • magdapaczoska
    magdapaczoska Registered Posts: 27
    Hi I have:

    Personal tax FA 2016 book Osborne in a very good condition
    Personal tax FA 2016 workbook pristine condition- not used, BPP
    Managing Cash workbook pristine condition- not used, Osborne
    Managing Cash book pristine condition, Osborne

    Budgeting BPP
    Financial Performance BPP

    All books for 25 pounds, separately 6 pounds each
    Central London

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