After AAT Level 4

ScottB Registered Posts: 21
Hello, I am coming to the end of AAT level 4 and am just waiting for my Synoptic results which should be with me within the next couple of weeks (which i might add was very hard and am worried about the results). Anyway I am wondering what the possibilities are going forward in regards to what jobs i can actually do with AAT L4, I understand i won't be chartered (which i would need ACCA and am hesitant to go and do due to the sheer effort and difficulty). I have heard you can do sole traders accounts and some tax elements (not sure exactly what you can legally do), but due to my lack of actual experience and only passing exams in regards to these, I don't believe to have the competence (thinking of it as learning to drive, where you properly learn once you get a car) Personally i would want experience, if i were to only think of starting my own business for example. But I do want to use my qualification and basically want to know what i can realistically strive for and what sort of salary to expect to the jobs available. If anyone has any ideas etc to give to me that would be fantastic. I am not ruling out ACCA completely, but am just put off & technically I would have to get the synoptic in order to get the exemptions etc. Also actual job titles to look for would be helpful too (such as on job searching websites). Thank you in advanced, any input would be amazing.
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