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Hi all, Just after a little bit of advice.

I am considering doing the AAT level 2 certificate by way of distance learning. Ive been doing a bit of research and am considering going ahead with ISC Learn (combined levels 2 & 3 for around £1300 not including exam fees etc). However, i've been reading through some of the forum discussions and some people have said that you can be as well buying the books and doing it independently. What i was wondering is what books would i need to buy to do this properly? I'm a complete novice to the accountancy field so i'm not sure where to start doing it on my own.

Thanks in advance



  • AC88
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    Level 2 is definitely doable by yourself without a learning provider. In my opinion I like the osbourne books, used them since day 1. Just have a look for the AQ2016 AAT level 2 books online, make sure it's AQ2016!!!
    Just AQ2013 is about to be discontinued.

    I'd say for level 3 & 4 you'll probably need a trainer provider

    Have you tried the skills check on the AAT website: https://www.aat.org.uk/aat-qualifications-and-courses/need-help-choosing-a-qualification/aat-skillcheck
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    Thanks for that, I'll have have a nosey online then. Is there just one work book for level 2 or one for each unit etc? Also do I need to register with AAT to take the exams?
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    Whether you do self study, distance learning or sign up with a learning provider at a venue you will still need to register and pay your AAT membership separate to any other costs. So as a student you need to cover:
    • 1. AAT Membership
    • 2. (a) Distance Learning provider costs (this usually includes providers own material and sometimes other books, everything you would need for each module),
    • or. (b) Self study books only (usually Osborne, BPP or Kaplan)
    • 3. Exams costs (this will be around £70ish per module, sometimes more or less; and covered if you choose neither 2a nor 2b and go for full training at a Training Provider's venue, which is also where you would do your exams, all covered in costs.)
    As a self study or distance learning student a lot of the organising your study, keeping on track and booking your exams when ready is upto you. DL Tutors will help with getting the knowledge but not necessarily manage your course progression.
  • cshardy5
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    Thanks Adele69, that's really helpful.
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