how do I book exams when i'm learning on my own?

Hi all,

I am looking to study level 2 by just getting the books and working through them. But I was wondering how i go about booking my exams to actually gain the level 2 qualification? I've read that there are 5 exams to do in level 2 but thats all I know. What are the exams called? Do i have to do them in a certain order? Any help would be great.



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    Use can use our assessment venue tool to find an assessment venue in your area and book yourself in
  • cshardy5cshardy5 Posts: 8Registered
    Thanks for that. Do i need to do exams in any particular order?
  • cshardy5cshardy5 Posts: 8Registered
    Also i noticed there is an administration fee that varies across venues. Is this in addition to the exam fee?
  • IrrorateIrrorate Posts: 140Registered
    1) No particular order but probably best to investigate the best study route for yourself - some exams are a follow on from previous (so eg lvl 4 budgeting -> d&c is a good route).
    2) That's the admin fee for the test centre to book you in, so yes additional to the AAT exam fee.
  • cshardy5cshardy5 Posts: 8Registered
    Thanks very much. Do the exams correlate to the 5 units or does each exam have content from each unit? For example is there one exam that is about Processing bookkeeping transactions and another exam relating to Basci Costing? Or do all exams have content from all 5 of the units?
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    No you'll have individual modular exams for each unit then at the end of the year you will have a synoptic assessment that will drag content from all of the units into one end-of-year exam. You need to pass each individual unit and the synoptic to qualify for the level.
  • cshardy5cshardy5 Posts: 8Registered
    That really helpful Irrorate, Thanks.
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    Just one tip; if you work in an accounts or finance role and your employer does not cover the membership fee you can claim the AAT subscription from HMRC if it is helpful for your role.
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