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Was I correct to use CustomerDetailedanalysis report for both Evidence 1 A and Evidence 1 B in UCAS?

I recently did the exam (level 2 ucas) and swore I had read that if one report can answer both parts A+B for Evidence 1 (in this case, provide a report showing all customer activity, evidence 1a, and provide a report showing all customer outstanding balances, evidence 1b) then all is ok...I uploaded a detailed customer report from sage 50 which had both bits of evidence requested. But ofcourse a feeling of dread has set in and I am not too sure. Would I fail on a technicality, even though both pieces of evidence are clearly shown on the report without needing two separate reports?


  • AlisonSwansonAlisonSwanson Registered, Tutor Posts: 209
    edited August 2017
    You are correct. The detailed customer activity report on SAGE 50 covers 1a and 1b.

    Although you probably have your results by now!
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