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Can anyone help please - with new task in the 2016 sample assessment 1 (Task 1c)


I’ve just discovered a new task in the 2016 sample assessment 1 (Task 1 c). I worked out how to get to the answer (£2.30) but have not idea why. Any help would be very much appreciated. I sat my exam 2 weeks ago and am pretty sure this wasn't there when I worked through sample assessment 1, they must have added it recently.

A bus company has a fleet of buses.

It keeps detailed records of passengers, journeys and distance travelled each month. The following information has been supplied for last month.

Average number of passenger

Average distance travelled (km)

Number of journeys

The company wishes to know how much it cost to transport one passenger over one km. The total costs last month were £68,586.

Many thanks!

Best Answer


  • FelliniFellini Registered Posts: 8
    Thank you so much, makes sense. Not sure why I struggled with that.
  • Paulasw1Paulasw1 Registered Posts: 23
    hi, not only you, i could not worked out as well, and similar question was on my exam, and it was not posted it yet, they did that recently,
  • FelliniFellini Registered Posts: 8
    Glad it's not just me :-) I just wish they would have more questions like this in the sample assessments so that we could prepare better for the real thing.
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