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I've been studying for my first ACCA exam alongside working in my first proper finance role - a second career after having kids. I chose ACCA because of the flexibility as opposed to going the CIMA route or ACA where I'd need an authorised employer. I'm studying the first few exams from books only due to the amount already covered at AAT (but instead of getting the actual L4 AAT).

My employer has now offered to support my studies but I have no idea what this would look like and what would be reasonable to ask for. What's typical when an employer pays for training in accounting? And is it worth switching to ACA as my manager is ACA qualified so could become an approved employer.



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    I am somewhat bias as I am ACCA

    but as you have already registered and started then I would continue, as they are both reputable qualifications.

    Normally employers would offer support along side a commitment agreement , where by you have to stay a certain number of years after completion, I was lucky and mine went on exam by exam, so if I left before my results in that sitting I would have to repay the support given in that sitting
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