Getting an entry level job in accountancy

Hi all, i was wondering if I could have some advice.

I'm almost 29 years old and have been a science technician for 3 years. i left my job recently because i was incredible bored at it and was interested in going into accountancy. i've been going through the level 2 AAT books and while most of them seem quite easy, i've spent most of my time just getting grips with the bookkeeping aspect which takes a fair bit of memorization and 'money in, money out'

job hunting hasnt been going as smoothly though. most basic entry jobs (accounts assistant, payroll assistant etc.) requires that you either have 1-2 years experiences, part AAT-qualified or are apprenticeships. I do not have any experience in accountancy and i assume i need to get the level 3 qualification to be 'part AAT-qualified'.

My question is should i just apply for laboratory technician jobs and apply to accountancy jobs once i have the level 3 qualification under my belt or just keep applying for basic accountancy jobs?

i only been applying for the past month, but i dont really want to go months without a job...

what should i do?


  • magdapaczoska
    magdapaczoska Registered Posts: 27
    If you can manage try to apply for an internship (even unpaid but you will get experience and that will help you to get any job in Accounting). It is better than staying at home. I did internship and after 3 months I was offered a permanent position in the company. Good luck
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