What Browser do you use to access My AAT?

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I've been using K-Meleon (like Firefox but more secure, though older and no longer supported), unfortunately PDF attachments in Resources, required on several elearning topics will sometimes not open, rendering it useless for study support. Firefox became insanely slow on my laptop and crashed all the time so had to stop using it, and switching to KM which is okay as long as I don't need to access a PDF. I printed off a bunch of things like Tax Return forms on the HMRC website at work for home study.

Chrome is a lot better but does not recognise AAT as using secure server correctly and so won't connect to the AAT site, when I choose to ignore through advanced setup and log in it just freezes. I can't use Internet Explorer as this laptop, while just about okay for most things is stuck on XP, and so stuck at IE 8 and no higher, and like Chrome also shows the AAT site with a Certificate error and so will not login at all.

I did manage to get through a BTAX Practice Assessment on friday night on my laptop, I would normally have done at work after office hours but getting so many distractions there its like they want me to fail L4, just revising on the elearning modules where there are additional PDF pages which dont open is really frustrating.


  • Aleem Islan
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    Have you tried saving the pdf file to your hard drive (rather than opening it) and then opening the file on your hard drive with Adobe or Sumatra (a basic pdf reader which is free and can be downloaded at https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader.html )?

  • Adele69
    Adele69 Registered Posts: 320
    I've finished now. After this my laptop died, fortunately after I'd done BTAX and the new one made ISYS and Credit Control a bit easier. I've found only Adobe works on those PDF documents with added text fields on some elearning
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    At home, I use IE11. But at work, we use ThinClients (ie. terminals with all our data and software remote-hosted), and the company that hosts for us refuses to update IE (since it's no longer being updated perhaps, I don't know), so I use Google Chrome there.
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    Rather odd Chrome wouldn't recognize AAT as secure. I use Chrome and it appears fully secure, although running on Win 10.

    Have you tried accessing AAT in incognito mode? Sometimes extensions if you have any can get in the way of things.

    As @Aleem%20Islan mentioned saving the PDFs to your laptop first could be a solution.

    There are alternative browsers you could try. Opera, Comodo, Vivaldi
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