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MDC- Sample assessment 2 Question 9 d

Any help to calculate Task 9 - d ?

Required sales volume ?


  • susan-79susan-79 Registered Posts: 5
    I can't work that out either, I get the required sales to be £380,000 (285000 / 0.75) to achieve the 25% net profit, then 380,000 / 17 = 22353 units but the correct answer is 25217. I have also asked for help on this question here's hoping someone knows.
  • susan-79susan-79 Registered Posts: 5
    Someone has answered this in a previous post, it is the fixed costs 145,000 (from part a 65,000 + 45,000 + 35,000) divide by the fixed cost per unit
    145,000 / 5.75 = 25217 rounded to the nearest whole unit
  • DisiDisi Registered Posts: 1
    How did you get Target fixed cost per unit £5.75?
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