Sales volume - Osborne book - practise assessment 1

Sorry I know this is an easy question but I have gone blank.
Could anyone help how to work out D?
The answer is 28,000 but I can't even seem to work backwards


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    Use the sales prices per unit you worked out earlier in the question.

    So sales revenue from Exe = 30,000 units @ £91.20 = £2,736,000

    Sales revenue for Wye = ?? @ £95 = £2,736,000 (must be same as above)

    So how many units of Wye are needed to earn the same revenue?

    £2,736,000 / £95 = 28,800 units.

    You said above 28,000 units - not sure if it was a typo? If not maybe my answer is incorrect but that's how I would work it out!

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    Thanks Lucy! :)
    I also worked it out the same as you and got 28800 which is why i was confused.
    I'll have a look and see if there's been an error in the text book on the osborne website as it definitely states 28000

  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 24
    I have the Kaplan textbooks and find errors all the time in those - it's really frustrating because the last thing you want is feeling confident in an answer then the book telling you differently! :#
  • absco14absco14 Registered Posts: 34
    I also find this as i go through Kaplan! Really struggling to get my head around all of the interest calculations for some reason so i've bought Osborne books as a bit of extra revision. How are you getting on (assuming youre currently doing level 4)
  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 24
    Yeah they get really tricky! I have passed budgeting and credit management so far. Failed cash and treasury management - first fail of the course so really annoying but I knew the exam went terrible! I have decision and control on Thursday and I don't find it particularly difficult there's just soooo much to learn! Juggling level 4 with a full time job is hard! How about you?
  • absco14absco14 Registered Posts: 34
    Well done so far for your results! If you feel confident with decisions and controls i'm sure you will fly through the rest of the course (apparently its the toughest after all of the syllabus changes - i'm sure you've heard)
    Easier said than done but try not to be disheartened and just get straight back into it :)
    Just sat credit management last week and found it to be great so fingers crossed. But i have failed decisions and controls (only found out yesterday so confidence is a bit low) and also my budgeting so will need to resit :#
    What did you struggle with on the exam for cash and treasury if you don't mind me asking? Trying to be as prepared as possible as my exam is tomorrow but there seems to be so many ways of calculating interest and making investments!
  • lucym96lucym96 Registered Posts: 24
    Thanks! Well that's the issue I find the content and the sample assessment's okay but from people's comments i.e assessment being completely different content to what they revised/expected - I am definitely nervous. :s
    That's great, hopefully a pass for you there! I don't want to dishearten you but my cash exam was nothing like the sample assessments, I really struggled. Just make sure you understand the ratios etc instead of just knowing the formulas. Also there was a lot of double entry in my exam (not sure how much I can tell you) and I definitely wasn't expecting it so make sure you've got that up to scratch too. I'm not much help but I am sure you will ace it :) Good luck!
  • absco14absco14 Registered Posts: 34
    That's great thank you! I'm definitely up to scratch on ratios but need to brush up on double entry...

    Good luck for MDCL but you'll be fine im sure.... Practise backward variances!!
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