Synoptic Assessmnent Results

Is anyone else fed up of the wait for the synoptic results form the July sitting of the week of the 10th? I can't stop thinking about whether I've passed or not. Having both situations playing around in my head. It's torture.


  • cbuttery1991
    cbuttery1991 Registered Posts: 47
    I am in the same boat too!! its absolute torture! it will be nearly 7 weeks by the time I get my result as my exam was the Monday! I am convinced I have failed thought! The spreadsheets just killed me but I will be so upset to fail on something like that! How did you find it?
  • TabethaBell
    TabethaBell Registered Posts: 8
    I didn't mine in the Wednesday, I am unsure on it I feel the ethics went really well but the spreadsheets were torture. I will be upset too cause I in an Apprenticeship and need my pass results as soon as so I can start my level 4 training.
  • Sheldz93
    Sheldz93 PrestonRegistered Posts: 22
    I did mine on the 10th and I'm expecting the results to be out on Friday 25th! I check them everyday just in case as I know someone who did Level 2 and she said they were supposed to be released after 6 weeks, but she said it was only 5 for her! Also you can start level 4 but only as a guest I think, I am enrolling into a new college and this is what they have told me anyway! Fingers crossed we all pass!!
  • TabethaBell
    TabethaBell Registered Posts: 8
    I am expecting mine on 25th too! I have a countdown to the day and I check it too every day! I have enrolled but they have told me I can't start the course till I have my results. I hope we all do!
  • gabandy
    gabandy Registered Posts: 22
    edited August 2017
    Im dreading Friday. Aat have said that the results for the level 3 synoptic window will be released on 25th august between 9am and 6pm.

    I am dreading the wait its going to be a long day :/ the 6 week wait is ridiculous aat have not thought the new levels through effectively
  • annvboys
    annvboys Registered Posts: 53
    Between 9 and 6? Many have theirs already so do check
  • Kc1
    Kc1 Registered Posts: 11
    Did you all pass?
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