Landed an apprenticeship - how best to prepare?

Hi all,

The title of the post pretty much sums it up - I'm beginning an AAT level 3 apprenticeship in a couple of weeks at a local practice. I've done some self study, and some of the level 3 syllabus seems familiar. I'm reasonably confident, however, I'd still like to make sure I've done everything I can to prepare. Does anyone have any advice on the subject, or any other useful tips - examples of likely tasks I'll be set, perhaps, or any recommended books?




  • AbbyCarr
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    I did an apprenticeship and also started at Level 3. The main thing you miss out is Sage and basic bookkeeping. Sage isn't used in Level 3, and if you use it in your job you'll learn it that way. Bookkeeping is extended in some units of Level 3, but my tutor went back to basics with everyone before going onto the more complex things are most people had forgotten them after a year. I didn't do any preparation and managed just fine!
  • HNE
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    Thanks both. I'm almost certainly guilty of overthinking it, so I'll content myself with a look at some Accountancy software and more of the basics, and take it from there.
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