Looking to start AAT Foundation Certificate In Accounting-some questions

Hi, I am looking to get onto the AAT Foundation Certificate In Accounting level 2 at my local collage, I'm 34 and only have a D grade in English and E in Maths at GCSE so have to attend an 2 hour assessment/interview first which apparently consists of a literacy and numeracy test, is there anyone here who has attended one of these assessments tell me how difficult the assessments are to pass?

I took the skillcheck test on here and scored 16/30, got all of the it/office questions correct, but the accountancy questions looked like a different language so obviously didn't get any of them correct.

Also if I did manage to get on the course and pass level 2 would that possible negate the need to retake GCSE's in English and Maths as would passing level 2 show employers that my maths and english is effectively at the standard of C grade at GCSE?

Any responses to my above questions would be much appreciated.



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    Most colleges will ask you to do numeracy and literacy tests if you haven't recently achieved GCSE English and Maths. You could have asked your college for some revision material. The numeracy is just arithmetic so fractions, decimals, money and time calculations etc. will be tested It is likely you will be required to complete part of the numeracy test without a calculator. The English test will be spelling, grammar and basic comprehension. You will probably have to add punctuation, correct spelling mistakes and extract information from a piece of writing. There are loads of free revision/test materials for GCSE online so you could get some practice if it has been a while since you last studied. (You could start by correcting the errors in your own post. ;) )

    Level 2 Accountancy is not a substitute for GCSE Maths nor English. If an employer has specified minimum GCSE English and Maths at grade C, they will shortlist applicants that have those or (possibly) a wealth of relevant experience as an alternative.
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    You'll find that the basics of accountancy are very simple and logical. You do NOT have to be good at maths - you need to ability to use a calculator and to be deadly accurate. Achieving AAT L2 Certificate should indeed verify that your maths and English are up to scratch. Go for it - it's a qualification well worth having.
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    @shanew Have you thought of retaking your Maths & English GCSEs? I did my GCSE English whilst completing level 2&3 as I only got a E in English when I was at school. I feel that it helped me when doing Professional Ethics in level 3 and all of level 4 as there are written questions in every exam.
    I believe that if you haven't got a A*-C grade in Maths or English you are able to take the course for free (however this was in 2016 so might need to check with a local college).
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