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AAT membership fee, should I keep paying it after Level 4

I have passed AAT Level 4 and I am planning to study ACCA. I don't work at practice so there is no need for me to have MAAT. I have received a letter from AAT asking me to pay AAT membership fee. Should I keep paying the membership fee or stopping? For ACCA exemptions, I suppose to show my AAT certification. I wonder if I stop paying the membership fee, AAT will not provide certification to ACCA, is it correct? any suggestions?


  • ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just Joined CambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
    I have recently passed level 4 and wish to study ACCA. I also don't work in practice. I have decided to keep AAT membership. Apparently AAT have better local connections should I wish to do CPD and I believe it is easier to apply for MIP with AAT should I decide to do this in future. (though you cannot hold an MIP AAT certificate whilst studying ACCA).
  • aatstudyaatstudy Registered Posts: 17
    Thanks, CP James. you have much better knowledge than I have about AAT. I don't really know how better local connections mean to me. Does it mean I can apply a part time job at a local practice? I have a look at AAT CPD,it looks quite interesting. If you don't work at a practice, why you want to apply MIP AAT? why you can't hold MIP while you are studying ACCA? Many thanks
  • ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just Joined CambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
    You might want to apply for MIP because you want to offer self-employed book keeping services. ACCA have very strict rules I belive. Have you applied for ACCA yet?
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