AAT Level 4 Accounting AQ2016 Synoptic Exam

yzhang Registered Posts: 3
I received my Level 4 Accounting AQ2016 Synoptic exam result today, failed the exam as I got only 66%. There were 16 students in my class and I know only 1 has passed the exam so far. The pass rate is far too low as the exam paper was very unreasonable and not clear enough to understand. I would say the synoptic exam paper was worse than the MDCL. AAT increased 10% to MDCL AQ2016 exam earlier this year, would AAT increase 10% to Synoptic exam too? Has anyone sent an email to AAT to complain about Level 4 Synoptic exam paper and got any reply? For people who passed the Level 4 synoptic exam could you please share some tips on how to revise it? Thanks in advance.


  • bluelotus
    bluelotus Registered Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear you failed, yzhang. I heard yesterday that I failed too with 63%. I had a couple of tasks which I didn't understand what AAT wanted and with one task I hadn't even covered the work. I'd also like to hear from anyone who has passed with any helpful advice!
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