AAT level 2

Hi hoping I can get some assistance please. Decided to train as an accountant and it looks like starting place is AAT. Looking at doing home studies as I'm useless in a classroom. Seems there's loads of providers, any recommendations?


  • DomOneDomOne Posts: 8Registered
    For level 2 I didnt use a learning provider, I went with Osbourne Books and just read through the chapters. I then did my exams with an external local examiner.

    I may use a learning provider for level 3 or 4 but have a look at the first book and see how you get on!
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    Hi DomOne, I'm also looking to self study for Level 2 and was wondering if you had any helpful websites/tips for taking exams as an external candidate and which books to buy? I'm feeling a bit lost tbh and any advice would be much appreciated
  • DomOneDomOne Posts: 8Registered
    I used Osbourne books and they really cover all 5 sections. There is also accountingcoach.com- the free parts of that site are enough to understand level 2.

    Dont forget Youtube as well, theres so many tutorial videos available on there for any part of accounting. Facebook also has an AAT student page who are all really helpful too! Level 2 is simple enough to be able to do without a learning provider, but that may be because I dont learn well in classes and am better with my own studying!
  • EmiJoEmiJo Posts: 2Registered
    Thanks DomOne! Got my books all ordered ☺️
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