Compliance visit

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I recently had a compliance visit and have to admit I was very disappointed

I have been an AAT member for over 30 years and have nearly 40 years practice experience - but all the inspector was interested in was our procedures for money laundering.

She had a cursory glance at 2 files (we have 400 clients) and 1 statement for the client account

The end report focused purely on box ticking for AML - nothing about whether we were doing a 'good job' for our clients - which we must be as we have a 97% retention rate and very few HMRC investigations which are normally cleared up with 1 or 2 letters.

I have phone AAT's technical/legal department twice recently and neither time have they been able to help - I'm beginning to wonder if its time to part company with AAT and have HMRC for ML supervision
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