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Synoptic Level 3 Results!!

HI, i had to re-take my exam and retook it on the 13th July now i know results are out 6 weeks later so that would be today. but i just looked and it says 6 weeks from last day of the synoptic window. Now my question is when was the window? and when was the last day of that window?..


  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    tomorrow from other posts
    good luck !
  • KellieaRyanKellieaRyan Registered Posts: 5
    Aahhhhh thank you it's all a bit close together with starting level 4 in two weeks sending me a little crazy!!
  • FlowerdiscFlowerdisc Registered Posts: 3
    It is always the last day of the week following the 6 week period, for example Tuesday would have been 6 weeks since my synoptic exam so i will get the results tomorrow (on the Friday following). I had to ring them up yesterday to ask because it doesn't seem to tell us this anywhere!
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    kelly - make sure you read the level 4 posts
    the year end exam seems to have been as much a car crash as Level 3
    The tear stained emails make quite sad reading considering how much people have paid

    for GCSE - the welsh minister has been taking a rather AAT line of " well you cant really tell with first time exams" and the answer is - "yes you can"
    The pass rates should compare with the previous year as you are can assume with large number s that the cross section wont vary from year to year ( much)

    You are testing candidates not testing the test - so if the pass rate goes from 50% say to 25% - you can confidently say that the examination is not measuring the same thing as it did the previous year.

    as far as I can see - AAT have to begin to address this issue ( perhaps by recoggnising there is one)
  • chris_nuttallchris_nuttall Registered Posts: 10
    On other forums some people took their exam on Saturday 15th July. It maybe early next week as it would be Sunday the last day of the window and with Monday being a bank holiday.

    I personally hope I have egg on my face this time tomorrow and I have the result.
  • kellyn25kellyn25 Registered Posts: 6
    According to AAT the results will definitely be tomorrow. They answered the question with regards to the last exam being taken on Saturday 15th July, they said it will definitely be August 25th between 9am - 6pm. Good luck everyone
  • ammw90ammw90 Registered Posts: 24
    Results are in! Good luck everyone! X
  • gabandygabandy Registered Posts: 22
    Results have been released i passed with 70% not amazing but im so happy to pass it.
    How did everyone else do ?
  • ammw90ammw90 Registered Posts: 24
    I got 89%. I'm shocked! And there I was revising for the resit over the past few weeks.. fingers crossed for everyone else!
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    well done passers !
    commizz failers - see you on Sept 7 or nearest !
  • FlowerdiscFlowerdisc Registered Posts: 3
    Mine still aren't up! Do you think they will be going up throughout the day?
  • gabandygabandy Registered Posts: 22
    They must be
  • MandyhMandyh Registered Posts: 8
    mine are showing - 77%, so relieved!
  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    Well done to those who passed and good luck to those still waiting.
  • FlowerdiscFlowerdisc Registered Posts: 3
    I got 72%! Worst I've ever got in an exam but I don't care, I passed! I'm in such shock. Goodbye level 3! Haha
  • kellyn25kellyn25 Registered Posts: 6
    I got 82% I can hardly believe it!! Well done everybody =)
  • antonio69antonio69 Registered Posts: 1
    Four results in so far. 2 passed, 2 fails. Low 70s for the pass ones. No comparison to their other percentages.
  • Sheldz93Sheldz93 PrestonRegistered Posts: 22
    I got 76%! But I got over 90% in three other exams and 79% in one (really let myself down there!!) But I am happy with the result I have got from the synoptic considering we are the guinea pigs for this exam! I am just so happy that I passed and can move on to complete level 4. Congratulations to all of you who passed and big commiserations to those who didn't, don't give up!!!
  • Laz82Laz82 Registered Posts: 2
    Well done to those who passed, those who didn't don't give up it is a horrible exam in my opinion, I got 86% which surprised me as I thought if I did pass I would have only just passed, so pleased I have 92% overall so a distinction. will be waiting a few months I think before level 4.
  • ammw90ammw90 Registered Posts: 24
    I was convinced I've failed that one or barely passed at best! Got 89% which have me an overall 93%. What a relief!
    Good luck to those who weren't as lucky, you can do this!! X
  • Helenrb123Helenrb123 Registered Posts: 2
    I passed with 70%. Not sure how final results calculated, and quite disappointed, but at least it is a pass. Well done to everyone else who passed
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