Decision and Control Exam- AAT level 4

Hello everyone,

So some of my workmates have dropped out (end of last year and this year) due to the Decision and Control exam and since then they have been going around telling everyone all the issues they faced while doing AAT level 4, specifically this module.
There are about 400 people at my company and about 40 people wanted to do AAT level 4 in September (across different departments), but due to the feedback from my colleagues they started ACCA and CIMA instead.

Can you imagine all the registration fees and exam fees AAT will lose out on?

I am sure my workplace is not the only place where this has happened. I understand there has been a lot of complains but if they carry on with no changes they will just go bust.
Has anyone had any feedback from AAT to say they will change to exam?
I am going to take this exam in a couple of weeks but after reading the forums I feel like I have no chance. My last workmate dropped out last week. I loved level 2 and 3 but I wish I hadn't started this level and had gone to CIMA or ACCA straight away.

Absolute waste of time!


  • mergen
    mergen Registered Posts: 112 New contributor 🐸
    I am in the same position. If i do not pass MDCL, then I'm going straight onto CIMA.
    CIMA - you get exam results straight-away
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