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aat membership

Hi i have just looked at the questions they ask when renewing your membership i am worried when it asks arrangement with creditors, i have just recently looked at my credit file and have a number of defaults I have made an arrangement to pay them what i can weekly as i am on benefits. Will this apply to aat question ?


  • DomOneDomOne Registered Posts: 8
    I cant remember what the questions are exactly but I think the question is "have you had a court order or judgement against you?" or something of the like. I'm not an expert but defaulting on your credit file is not the same as being taken to court for refusal to pay.
  • ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just Joined CambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
    @mil07 have you setup an IPA?
  • mil07mil07 Registered Posts: 4
    Hi not sure what an IPA is ? I think the question is are you in arrangement with your creditors ? What i have done is contacted the companies i owe money to and offered them a payment each week which they have accepted. Not sure if that's what the question on the AAT membership means.
  • ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just Joined CambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
    Interim payments agreement. Any doubts I think you should call AAT to check to put your mind at ease.
  • mil07mil07 Registered Posts: 4
    Thankyou i think i will phone them, it will stop me worrying so much ! .
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