AQ2013 Level 4 Business Tax Exam

Devapriya Registered Posts: 2

I'm confused with the Finance Act year for my BTAX Exam.I'm taking the AAT Level 4 Business Tax exam in the AQ2013 syllabus next week. I'm doing self study and this is the reason i'm having a doubt that I cannot ask a tutor..

Which Finance Act will my exam be based on? Is it FA2016?
Also, do I need to familiarise myself with the calculation of Augmented Profits which were required in FA2014 and rates of Corporation Tax in FY2014 (Marginal Relief, etc.)?

Please could someone help? I'm going in circles trying to figure this out!

Many thanks in advance!


  • Adele69
    Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    It's FA2016, I sat the BTAX AQ2013 a few weeks ago, it wasn't as hard as I thought, the only one L4 subject where I finished well inside the time allowed. Sounds like you're trying to learn this using old material. If there are any subjects where it is crucial you have the most recent study materials/books its any of the Taxes
  • Devapriya
    Devapriya Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks Adele, I have ignored all the rates in my book, and working off my AAT study support...

  • Ren
    Ren Registered Posts: 3
    Hi, so have sat your exam yet? How did it go? Could you please help me with your question as I'm in the same boat? I phoned AAT and they did confirm that it's FA2016 but I'm still not sure if I should ignore the calculation of Augmented Profits which were required in FA2014...So if you could help would be immensely appreciated. :)
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