Business tax level 4 aq2013

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Hi new here.

Wonder if some can advise me.
Looking from a aat assessment performance feedback the below question:

Davis sold an asset to his son during 15/16

Proceed £20,000
M.value £30, 000
Cost £10,700

His got taxable income of £68200
Q: what is the amount of cgt payable by david on disposal.

My answer:
30,000 less cost 10700=19300
Then less annual exempt amount 11100 = 8200
8200 x 20% (since higher rate tax payer)= 1640

Examiner feed back answer is:
8200 x 28% = 2296

This is a asset and not a residential property. So i believe the higher rate to be used is 20% and not 28%

Can someone advice me if the examiner has made a error or is he/she correct, if so how?

Thank you

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