Reconciliation Screen Shot in Exam

DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
I took my Using accounting software exam this morning and I am a little concerned with how one of the questions was worded.
This is from the sample exam but the question is still the same:
Refer to the following bank statement. Using the accounting software and the transactions you have already posted:
(a) Enter any additional items on the bank statement that have yet to be recorded, into the accounting software (ignore VAT on any of these transactions).
(b) Save a screenshot of the bank reconciliation screen. You will be provided with the required evidence number for this in Task 13.
(c) Reconcile the bank statement. If the bank statement does not reconcile, check your work and make the necessary corrections.

When I took the screen shot, I took it before I matched up the transactions and not when it had been reconciled. I am now worried I will lose marks for this, even though it shows on the Audit trail.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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