AAT - where and how to begin?

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Hi guys,

First post here, thanks for having me.

So I've been thinking about starting AAT for sometime now and am now ready to take the plunge. I have been in an invoicing role for 18 months or so now but work are looking for me to progress in order to assist our two accountants. While I am very competent with figures and maths, my current role is pretty much admin-related so I have little actual accounting experience beyond subtotals, VAT and that basic sort of stuff.

Do you think I should definitely start at Level 2, or is jumping in at Level 3 an option?

As I work full-time I think distance learning is the only viable option for me. Work have nicely offered to fund this, so as it's being paid for do you think I should go with a provider or just learn from a book and book exams separately as I have seen suggested on various forums?

If a provider, which would you recommend most?

Thanks again and I welcome all responses.



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    Congrats on your work funding your studies - not all work places will :)

    I would personally start at level 2 since this is the foundation of 3 and 4.
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    If you have no double entry knowledge, you'd be advised to start at level 2. However, a previous colleague had no double entry knowledge and she worked through a level 2 book and then started at level 3. Another option may be to do the level 2 book-keeping certificate (which is basically the book-keeping modules from the level 2 accounting certificate) and then go to level 3 in accounting - this would save some time.
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