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Hi everyone

I was wondering if someone can help me find my student feedback for level 3 synoptic result? I'd like to see how I did task by task. I received an email from aat saying feedback is now available. But where I click on my grade it simply shows me a graph underneath and nothing else.
Thanks in advance


  • janeW
    janeW Registered Posts: 25
    I can't find it either, results received today, which is obviously after 4th Sept as stated in email but no sign of feedback.
  • Multiplicator
    Multiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    re pasted from another thread
    hi boys and girls - THAT email - you've been had by AAT again
    but you really knew that....
    read it carefully and it says ...from Sep 4
    so that may not mean that after Sep 4 (like now) you can stab - "analyse" and get one,
    it may well mean that for any results published AFTER Sep 4 - like 'jam tomorrow' you WILL get an analysis. ( I like the bit about listening to feedback - unintentionally hilarious ! )

    I have to say I have just about had it with AAT - retake tomorrow
    at least I am not spending my time wisely like you know getting paralytic

    good luck for retakers and also bad luck - pass and you may be tricked into parting with up to £2000 for another dog of a course
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