Practice managment for licence application


Does anyone know what counts as practice management experience for the mip application? I have only ever worked in industry but have done so for 15 years.

Any help is much appreciated


  • fay11fay11 Posts: 1Registered
    Hi Jenbo,
    I know you posted this last year but I just wondered how you got on with the form as I have the same problem.
  • JenboJenbo Posts: 52Registered
    Hi fay11,
    I ended up just applying for the bookkeeping lience. As I now have experience, I am in the process of upgrading to the accountant licence.
  • yaqubyaqub Posts: 3Registered
    If you are a registered member you will be required to submit evidence of your practical experience in practice management and/or evidence of any CPD you have undertaken in this area as this will be required when you apply for a license.
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