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AAT Professional Diploma

I have just recently started AAT Professional Diploma and was wondering in what order would it be best to complete it in?


  • AbbyCarrAbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    The order I completed it in was:
    Management Accounting:Budgeting
    Management Accounting: Decision & Control
    Financial Statements

    It's also common to begin with Financial Statements and then follow the above order. Or you could do the two optional units, followed by the mandatory units as those skills won't be required later on in the course.
  • JRowanJRowan Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks Abby. Which optional units did you choose? I’m unsure as to what to decide on
  • AbbyCarrAbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    I had to do the ones college had chosen which were Personal Tax and Credit Management. If you have an option, choose ones either you'll enjoy and learn easily, or ones that you believe may benefit your career (i.e audiitng and business tax)
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